Redemption Blues

Redemption Blues

I just didn’t know where you were, darling.

I don’t have my cell phone with me because I dropped it in the toilet last week. I wasn’t able to call you and get to know where to meet you in that shitty downtown.

Montreal, what a waste of concrete, bricks and iron !

Oh! Don’t make a fuss with all this, darling. I know I could have used spare change and call you from a public phone.

I could have thought about it but sometimes but I have a lazy mind. I always forget important things…

Yes, I never forget my evenings spent with my beer buddies.

Yes, I never forget when it’s time to play hockey with my sports buddies or to write poems in a bar with my writing buddies.

I know. I probably am a bastard or something. They all say that.

I probably am the worst lover you ever have.


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