My Underwear Rules and Other News

-My underwear is killing me these days

-How come ?

-Well he decided to rule on all the dirty clothes lying on the laundry room counter, endlessly waiting to be washed.

-Some kind of dictator ?

-Sort of, yes.

-Which one acts like that ? Because you must have more than one pair of underwear…

-It’s hard to say… It’s the… I wear it for my wife, it is tiny, narrow, with tiger skin pattern on the right place…

-It is some kind of douchebag underwear !

-But it has read all my Dickens books in my library…


-Dickens. Charles Dickens. The British author. Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Martin Chuzzle… Chuzzler… Chuzz.. Pickwick Papers.



And your laundry room has become a country populated by obedient and dominated dirty clothes. What are you gonna do about it ?

-I can’t say.  Wearing my Fruit of the Loom undies for a while.

-And your wife will be totally turned off and forbids you to have sex with her. You’re having a real diplomatic problem here.


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