Never Write About Negative Things

I should make this title my motto in life. Never write or talk about negative things concerning autism. Never. But sometimes it’s difficult.

It’s difficult to focus on positive thoughts and actions. Difficult to be optimistic towards Son’s future. Difficult to be certain he’s gonna make it through Secondary V. Difficult to see him working full time some day, to be autonomous, to earn his life like anybody else, to have a wife, to raise kids, to drive a car.

Difficult to see myself as a winner in this situation. Everybody tells me about their children’s improvement and success at school or in their soccer team. All I can talk about is how Son’s does well in ergotherapy and orthophony, how he was able to get 60% in a maths exam, how he finally pedaled all by himself on his mountain bike for about 5 seconds without falling down or being scared to hit a tree.

I’m not your average “my kids are awesome” parent anymore, but I try to keep positive in order to continuously encourage my kid to never give up on life, to always count on his forces, his qualities and his determination to achieve something. In order to help him, I will always focus on positive stuff.

How about you ?


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