I Don’t

I don’t want to interact with their stupid and exhuberant neurotypical friends. That’s why I asked you not going to their boring Bar Mitzvah event. I hate talking with them, hearing about their achievements, the “Proud Parents of an Honor Student at that Snob School For Whiz Kids” sticker hey just put on their car’s rear bumper, the “Proud Parents of a wonderful life” sticker glued on their fucking ego, fuck them all!

That’s why I asked you to come up with an excuse for not showing up among those show-offs… And you didn’t have the courage to put on your creative mind for something useful. So I decided to take the lead and call your friend to tell her that our son just puked this morning so deal with it.

And they don’t want to talk to us anymore. And they are upset about us, about how sellfish we are. And I don’t care. Let’s have a coffee and read books together.


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